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date Tue, Aug 25, 2009 at 12:31 AM
subject missing items from hallway/basement


I came home just now to discover the front hallway and the basement cleared of several items, many of which I did not own but some of which were personal items that I was storing in the front hall and basement. Assuming that we were not robbed, my guess is that the hallways were somehow cleared as part of the sale of the building, but NO attempt was made at communicating this to me either by phone or email, nor any attempt made to confirm what was and was not garbage. One of the items, my mattress's box spring, was being stored in the front hallway since it would not fit up the stairs, but I never intended to get rid of it and it is a high-cost item. Also missing is a shelving set I had put in the basement to use as storage for various items of mine, some of which I found in the newly-empty front hallway (my cat carriers.) If the box spring and the shelving was indeed taken away and is not recoverable, I will need to be reimbursed for these items which were NEVER labeled or indicated as trash but instead were being stored inside the building as you told me I could do when I moved in.

I am SO pissed off right now.

Similar shelving unit: $50.
Similar box spring: hard to say, because my set was bought from a store in Oklahoma City that hand-makes their mattresses and possibly their box springs too, so I would have to call them up to research what to do if I suddenly have just a matress from their set. I have no clue what my parents paid for these but they have lasted me great for YEARS (as they should) and oh my god I'm so pissed.
Bicycle tire pump: $20.

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