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Over the next week, I could really use friendly company and assistance in packing up the apartment in the late evenings after I get home from work. Then, this Saturday is the move-the-big-stuff day, during which as much help as is possible is appreciated.

Monday: 8:30pm and on, includes a Zipcar trip to Porter Square to stop at [livejournal.com profile] rigel and [livejournal.com profile] contradictacat's place and to stop at the Piehole itself to do a quick sweep (literally; with a broom) and Roomba.

Tuesday: 8:30pm and on, open help packing needed.

Wednesday: 5:30m and on. Have already engaged [livejournal.com profile] usernamenumber's assistance for this evening, which will hopefully feature Zipcar-ferrying of a few loads of smaller things to the new place.

Thursday: 8:30pm and on, open help packing needed.

Friday: 8:30pm and on, open help packing needed.

Saturday: I have Zipcar truck rented at 11am and [livejournal.com profile] zigdon's assistance already lined up, but more hands = better. Hopefully at this point all we'd have to move are the big things (bed, computer desk, bureau, bookshelves, TV stand) and the "final" things (cats and cat box, clothes, toiletries.) In truth there will probably be plenty of boxes as well, but hopefully enough of those will have gone earlier in the week to be a quick few trips and then done.

Sunday: The plan is to be done moving and be able to attend my much-neglected D&D game on Sunday afternoon.

Any assistance is appreciated. ♥

on 2 Feb 2009 23:31 (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile] zigdon.livejournal.com
I'll be in town the entire weekend - I don't have any concrete plans for any of it, and you get dibs anyway. So if more help is needed, I'll be happy to be useful, for once ;)

on 2 Feb 2009 23:47 (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile] juldea.livejournal.com
Hey, if you wanna help on Friday night, too, it'd be appreciated!

on 2 Feb 2009 23:46 (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile] nyren.livejournal.com
I appear to have no pre-arranged plans this coming weekend, if you would desire the assistance of myself and my stuff-lifting prowess.

on 2 Feb 2009 23:48 (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile] juldea.livejournal.com
Your hands would be much appreciated, yes. Is Saturday what you're offering?

on 2 Feb 2009 23:51 (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile] nyren.livejournal.com
Yes, I tend to work rather late during the week. I am currently at work, for reference.

on 2 Feb 2009 23:57 (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile] juldea.livejournal.com
Me, too. Hence all the other days being 8:30pm onward.

on 3 Feb 2009 06:40 (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile] nyren.livejournal.com
Nyren fails his literacy check. I am sadly engaged every day this week except on Wednesday night - would you want more driving assistance around 8pm, or is usernamenumber's assistance sufficient?

on 4 Feb 2009 23:43 (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile] juldea.livejournal.com
Tonight is turning out sufficiently complicated that more help would just confuse me more, but thanks for offering, and see you Saturday!

on 5 Feb 2009 00:00 (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile] nyren.livejournal.com
Alright, glad I checked this before heading over! Good luck with the moving and the complications. May neither of them eat you.

on 3 Feb 2009 01:29 (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile] bkdelong.livejournal.com
I have a decent sized AWD Subaru plus heavy lifter I can contribute most of the day Saturday. I come with good references including taking the lead in getting [livejournal.com profile] lediva's bed up from outside Skullcrusher Mountain to what would be her room.

Ouch. And somehow bossed my way into taking charge getting her mostly moved in a few hours from JP to Somerville. Oops :( Of course, I didn't have my car...we had the amazing [livejournal.com profile] audioboy and his great van and several other people. (Somehow I just started getting into Producer mode before I even was ever a Production Assistant on Tomes). I come with my own black mover's belt accessory.

Anyhoo...this tired and punchy one digresses! I have car and said brawn (*snicker* oh who am I kidding) at your disposal. But have a problem. I also have a 4yr old boy.

Said 4 yr old boy has helped me move [livejournal.com profile] vanguardcdk's downstairs neighbors in. Bonus is [livejournal.com profile] wkdelong is cute...tries to be as helpful as those around him and is desperate to find anyone who will pay attention to him for a few minutes rather than his baby sister [livejournal.com profile] cyhdelong. OK....so overkill on the LJ user tags.

So if anyone will be there to smile at him while I'm helping move a bed or a bureau up a few flights he'll pretty much stick to my side. He's awesomely behaved.

Totally no pressure if kids will = in the way. Just want to help as much as I can.

on 4 Feb 2009 18:03 (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile] juldea.livejournal.com
Both your and [livejournal.com profile] wkdelong's assistance (such that it is) would be greatly appreciated. Does he like cats? There are two he can keep company with (one of them is not mean, but is not friendly, so bonus if he knows exactly how friendly to be with animals who might not be friendly back.

I am getting nervous about fitting certain bits of the big furniture (the box springs, the dresser) up the stairs, so if you are comfortable with your prowress there, that makes me much more comfortable!

And if you wanna push aside and take charge, I'm good with that, too. I prefer to help than to lead when I get too stressed (as long as I agree with the job you're doing, of course.)

on 4 Feb 2009 18:08 (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile] bkdelong.livejournal.com
Great! He likes cats. we had one pass on when he was 2 and she was 19. He's still working on gentle but he "gets it".

I'm comfortable with figuring out how to get stuff to fit...I do have spatial/math difficulties but once I'm given guidance, I can do the brawn to move.

Hehehe. I won't push aside and [livejournal.com profile] zigdon offered first. We'll see how the dynamics are and as long as someone can keep the boy's attention a bit when I'm doing things here or there. I'll have my laptop, loads of his favorite Tivo shows, DVDs some of his toys etc.

Just let us know where to be and when :)

on 4 Feb 2009 23:45 (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile] juldea.livejournal.com
I don't know that [livejournal.com profile] zigdon offered to take charge of anything, he was just the first to offer, so if you've experience and desire, go for it. ;)

I'll send out an email to all the helpers with information sometime, er... tonight or tomorrow?

on 4 Feb 2009 15:16 (UTC)
ext_104661: (Default)
Posted by [identity profile] alexx-kay.livejournal.com
(looks at own calendar...)


(ponders harder...)

Phoo. I technically *could* come help on Saturday, but it's my only not-massively-booked day until the 16th. And if I'm to meet my prior obligations, I need to get some recharge time before them. I think I'm gonna have to pass this time :(

on 4 Feb 2009 17:57 (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile] juldea.livejournal.com
No worries. I think I've got a full set of hands here with [livejournal.com profile] zigdon, [livejournal.com profile] bkdelong and [livejournal.com profile] wkdelong, and [livejournal.com profile] nyren. It's not a large apartment, and too many Indians would clog up the works. But I definitely appreciate the desire to help. :)

on 4 Feb 2009 16:08 (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile] paradoox.livejournal.com
Unfortunately, I'm massively over committed, but I have some time Saturday from maybe 11 to 1 or 2 and can show and help load and also bring my Volvo Wagon which might also be good for a load as long as it is done by the time I need to leave. I think I remember Londo's ex-address, but you might want to email me at kovalcik (at) alum.mit.edu.

on 6 Feb 2009 04:27 (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile] juldea.livejournal.com
Sorry for the late reply - been dealing with tons of logistics!

So looking at the size of the apartments, the number of hands I currently have on deck, and the fact that you'd only be able to assist for a couple of hours, I think I will be good and you can worry about your other commitments. But seriously, thank you. I wasn't aware I made the list of people who'd get the help-moving treatment. :)

on 6 Feb 2009 04:35 (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile] paradoox.livejournal.com
OK, you're welcome. If you change your mind, let me know.

(What, my moving help is legend?)

on 6 Feb 2009 05:02 (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile] juldea.livejournal.com
I wouldn't say it's legend, but it indicates I am more on your radar as a person than I thought I was.

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