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I am up stupidly late and have no excuse other than finally basking in the soft light of the internets. I've caught up with a lot of emails, waved my hands at the LARPs and conventions happening soon, and for the first time in approximately a month, I read my friends list for the day. Yay!

But what I wanted to update you all on was life in the Pie Hole as it stands so far. So far, it stands quite packed still. I have my necessary winter and work clothes all unpacked and one of the two bathroom boxes unpacked, so I can do most of the necessary daily things necessary to be presentable. The computer is of course all set up, though I don't have my own connection yet - that's being set up Monday (have I said that already?) I'm currently working off of borrowed wireless from my downstairs neighbor. More about him below. A little bit of the kitchen has been unpacked; I have made myself meals now, though they have been things like "a cheese quesadilla" and "frozen ravioli with jarred sauce." Nothing more sophisticated yet.

A lot of my fears about the shape and size of the apartment are much less pressing now. Sure the shape is weird, but I've actually got it working out pretty well in the bedroom at least. Bed, computer desk, dresser, and clothes rack are all fitting nicely. Bathroom involved a bit of muscle work to get one of the folding sets of shelves into the tight space on the back wall, but it eventually fit! And that leaves the living room/kitchen to be worked out, but that will take time as I paw through my possessions. And I still haven't visited the basement to see what kind of room for storage I have there.

There is a LOT of room for decoration here. The entire stairwell portion from the second floor up to my apartment is free reign (there is no door from that stair to my apartment, so it's like another hallway), and drastically needs an awesome design scheme. And a repaint, or maybe just covering with pictures or posters or something cool. Although if someone really wanted to go crazy with painting it, like, that would be awesome and unique and I'd pay or knit you something or something.

My downstairs neighbor, Ryan, is both cute and nice. He gave me the password to his wireless connection without blinking. He has a cat named Beatrice who is large and almost fully black except for a white patch on her chest. Beatrice gets free reign of the inside staircase and goes down into the basement and catches mice. She once dropped one on the stairs. I forgave her, though, because she is very nice. Ryan works "selling light bulbs" in a manner that involves going around businesses and telling them how to be greener.

Regarding the actual "pie" in the Pie Hole: I have tried three different pies from Petsi's: apple crumb, bourbon chocolate pecan, and Mississippi mud. It will be hard to get me to order anything but the Miss. mud in the future, as it is one of the best things I've ever put into my mouth, but you can try. I've also tried their banana-chocolate-chip muffins, a muffin of a type I can't remember that I shared with [livejournal.com profile] usernamenumber, a raspberry almond scone, a cheddar dill scone, and a tomato mozzarella scone. Their scones are AWESOME. So yes, Petsi's has made some money off of me and will continue to do so.

Pho 'n' Rice has made more money off of me. Since moving on the 7th - so 13 days - I have been there 5 times. And since I walked in the second time saying, "Sawat dee kaa!" and got shocked looks and raised eyebrows (and kept it up since then), my plan of being a recognizable face there has totally worked. It was after the third visit that I was on the sidewalk outside unloading purchases from my Zipcar, looked into their window, caught eyes with a waitress, and was waved at. Earlier tonight I went in and was greeted warmly, managed to order "whatever you suggest tonight," (bo luc lac, nom!) and after I had paid, was offered something to drink. Playing it coy, I only got water, but if they ask again after I've paid, I'll see if I can get a free Thai tea. Oh yes, I am well on my way here. Oh, and the food is excellent. :P So if anyone is EVER in the mood for Thai, I've got your hookup here.

Okay, it's hit 4am and I need to get up between 9 and 10, so how about I skeedaddle now and put myself to bed?

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