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Thanks to the heroic efforts of [livejournal.com profile] zigdon, [livejournal.com profile] bkdelong (and [livejournal.com profile] wkdelong), [livejournal.com profile] nyren, and two of my friends from out of town, I am (90%) moved.

My day started at 5:30am, when I woke up and began packing with furor and vigor. The above-mentioned trickled in around 11ish and helped finish up the job. I acquired Ziptruck at about 12:30, and various logisticts meant the first load got there about 3. The first load featured the only casualty - the box-spring for my bed, after having been with me for a decade now, does not fit up the staircase to the Pie Hole. It is currently propped up in the downstairs hall, future unknown. We entertained thoughts of taking a saws-all to it, but the "spring" part of box-spring put an end to that. If anyone has thoughts, please let me know! Plan B involves buying a bunch of planks to span the bedframe and prop up my mattress off of the floor. Plan C involves mattress on the floor.

We then took a break and had [breakfast for some, lunch for others, dinner for others, and some combination of the two or three for even others] at the NOW OPEN Thai place on the first floor of my new apartment! Yes, Pho 'n' Rice is now open, and I treated the moving party to foods. Verdict: service needs a little work, but the food is excellent. Perhaps because I'm sick, but their seaweed soup (basically Vietnamese chicken noodle soup with seaweed bits) was amazing. Everyone was happy with their dishes. So yes... the Thai Hole portion of the Thai-Pie Hole has begun. (I have yet to have pie. They closed today before I got any.)

After food was a couple more loads, and then the entirety of the big stuff was upstairs and the rest was little things to be thrown in smaller, quicker loads. People peeled off to get rest or follow up on commitments (or drive back to Baltimore) but eventually we finished up moving everything that was on the slate to be moved today! Hooray!

The things that were not on the slate: the computer (since there's no net at the Pie Hole yet (though I met my cute downstairs neighbor today, and he granted me the power of his wireless password)), cleaning supplies (so I can get some cleaning done tomorrow), and the cats (they're the last thing to go.) I'm now back at the old apartment, utilizing the last day of my nets here to post this long entry to you, and then will crash on the floor with my cats (I have an air mattress.) Oh, and I'm enjoying a Shiner Bock and some peanut-butter-chocolate Tastykakes the southerners brought me. Well-deserved rest, I say.

Tomorrow starts early again, as I drive to [livejournal.com profile] princess_muffin's to hopefully pick up an electric piano (!!!), do some shopping (need: planks for bed, new bed linens), drop off the recycling and the Goodwill stuff, clean the old apartment, pack up the rest of this stuff and move it, and get the truck returned before 11. Then it's time for my first D&D session with [livejournal.com profile] jmspencer in over a month (!) and a Second Shift cast party, and then I retire to my first evening in the Pie Hole.
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